Daily Archives: August 13, 2010

Domesticity reigns, temporarily

Sits down carefully.

OK, not slipped.

It’s safe! I will continue.

After a bit of a fright yesterday, (fears of having to move sooner rather than later sharply raised, then quelled) and as a household cleaning items replenishing session had taken place in the “Keep Japes Calm”  few hours between the raising and quelling of such fears, a bout of deep-cleaning domesticity hit the Japes’ residence this morning.  After the headache from hell had subsided. (I am half wondering if I have had the first migraine for many years? Mmmm… not happy if that’s the case.)

I currently am the custodian of some items of furniture I’d never give house room to by choice, but as I have them, caring for them is part of the deal. So, a little TLC of the leather furniture has taken place. This is all well and good, and I am proud of my efforts, but they aren’t half slippery now! I have also polished all the wood.. and have been reminded why I’d not done it before now. Am I one of the few people in the world who hates the smell of polish?

I am about to tackle the Room I Do Not Like. There seem to be several reasons for this dislike; some of them are deeply silly, and others more understandable. I’m making myself spend more time in there, though, and think I’m coming to some conclusions about why I dislike it so.

  • It needs a bit of re-arranging to see if I can make it less like the room I lived in where I was so deeply unhappy.  And the room I used to spend far more time in hiding from everyone that was good for me.
  • I need to bring the musical sides of my life out of hiding. (That may be a whole series of posts…)
  • I need to decide where my prayer space is going to be… for a dedicated prayer space is required! But, I’m loath to have it in a room I don’t like. But would that help make it a room I do like?

Come on, Japes. Time to go…