Redefining relationships

That is what this past week has been all about, really, not filling skips, moving furniture, and deciding what was for recycling or not.

I’ve helped fill two skips with a mixture of things that should’ve been ditched many years ago, things that no longer conform to current H&S standards, and can’t be accepted by charity shops, or things that can no longer be used. I’ve packed up stuff to be scattered to numerous new homes. I’ve sorted through piles and piles and piles of paper and books and, um, rescued some things…

I’ve done a lot of talking whilst getting these jobs done. A lot of catching up on what’s been happening for others, and a lot of realising of some truths that I’d been reluctant to face, but now have done so.

I’ve done a lot of praying, and quiet sorting things out with God. So many times this last year, when I’ve been praying or in church (or refusing to pray or be in church) I’ve felt like an extremely bad tempered small toddler with no way of expressing myself other than yelling, stamping my feet, sitting firmly on my bottom and refusing to co-operate… it feels much more now as if my inner world and outer world are in line with one another again. I now have  a sleeping, contented peaceful inner toddler!

I’ve done a lot of accepting that things really have moved on and there is no going back.

I think I put a huge amount of emotional rubbish in those skips as well!

So, yes, I’ve done a huge amount of both physical work and emotional work… no wonder I over-slept this morning with such flair and ease.

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  1. I like the image too — and can relate to it; and good news that the inner and outer worlds have aligned.

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