Dear Lord,

I know I said it was time for me to get a life… but, did you have to take me at my word quite so quickly? It’s been non-stop all day!

And, um, about this on-going, low-grade bubbling up incredibly easily at the least provocation temper tantrum that seems to have been constantly with me for months? I’d be really quite glad to see the back of it, as it’s a tiring companion, to say nothing of making me not the nicest person to be around when it’s at higher than simmering point.

Yes, yes, yes… I know what it’s all about really, and yes, I will do something about it… well, OK the several “its” that I’m scared of. What – what would I do if one of the kids came to me with these scenarios? (Japes squirms… folds arms and glares at feet… and mutters “Yeah. Well. But.”)

Can I change the subject now? No, I won’t forget. No, I’m not “just saying”.

Whilst I’m here, a word about the next week. I’m not sure right now it was a good idea, and I’d quite like to back out… what do you mean, no?

(Japes stomps off to pack rucksack, steel toe cap boots, and emergency cho….) WHAT DO YOU MEAN!! No emergency chocolate…?!

Pah. I hate it when you’re right. (Japes’ sense of proportion is restored, grin back on face, rucksack packed, no chocolate..)


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