Daily Archives: August 1, 2010

Signs of new life include…

… going to church because I wanted to, not because I was forcing myself to in order to be keeping a promise I’d made.

… getting through a church service with several potentially tricky hymns and little reaction. In fact, it was nice to sing “All my hope on God is founded” and enjoy it again, rather than remembering all the Significant Occasions it’s got attached to it in the Japes’ memory bank.

… finally introducing myself properly to the vicar. It’s only taken eight months. It was interesting to hear what he’d concluded was my reason for hiding in a back corner for so long!!

… giving myself a jolly good talking to for some hard-line self-indulgent sulking over the last few days.

Tomorrow is set aside for a whirlwind domestic spree, and then a week doing some things that need to be done, then it’s time to stop mourning for what could have been, time to move on with what is now, and time to get a life!