Routines, me? It would appear so!

Pah. Try as I might to deny I am really a person of routine, this past three weeks or so has confirmed that on a day to day basis, unless I stick to a routine that works, things get forgotten, misplaced, and I get more than tired.

At least, on work days I need to have a routine that minimises thinking and maximises efficiency. (At least, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

So, a fortnight of changing travel arrangements has thrown me.. and in that fortnight the travel arrangements I’d changed from and fondly thought I was changing back to have changed, too!! It now seems I may be marginally closer to the better of the local train stations, now the new road has opened, and I’m going to test that out tomorrow morning.

Woefully, I have had my usual effect on bus routes. (I’m convinced I only have to use a bus route regularly for less than six months and it’s all change) I have carelessly misplaced two from my beautifully convenient bus stop at the end of the road since I last used it. Honest, I only had just over a fortnight off bus usage, the whole system can’t be sulking because I had a little variety… can it?!

To add to my discomfort, my work routines are slowly disintegrating. That happens at this time of the year, though, and thanks to the inefficiency of those I work with, I will at least be working as near a normal couple of weeks until the complete change (for four or five weeks,) then holidays!!!

So, if my own life has hit a bit of a limbo, so has work, and there’s no telling what will happen, on any front!!

3 thoughts on “Routines, me? It would appear so!

  1. as a planner, it was almost painful to read this post… you’re in my thoughts – and good luck flexing with the state of limbo!

  2. As someone who plans his day to excrutiating detail while shaving/brushing teeth, the pain was clear to me too. Hope and pray all goes well with the journey out of limbo.

  3. Dropped by on the offchance and saw this post, as well as the one on needing to retreat, recharge and rest. As someone who does not like to be thrown off balance by the unexpected, who often only knows what she thinks as she writes/says it, as well as needing to retreat at times, it may help you to know that I ‘get it’.

    Of course, it may not! 😉 We are all different, after all. Tho sometimes knowing ourselves well enough to make sure we get what we need to function is half the battle.

    All the best with all that is happening with you.

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