My halo!!

Fortunately, this state of feeling truly virtuous will not last for long, and normal service will soon be resumed.

I have done most things on my Things To Do During This Week Off List – which includes wandering out to get the last load of laundry in (once I’ve had my coffee and written this – I do have priorities, you know) and do the ironing. It’s included a pretty thorough spring-clean. It’s included mowing the lawn, and being remarkably chuffed with myself for beginning to get a bit of a grip on this garden caper. It’s also included a whole load of bitty tasks for work which I never seem to get around to doing in the week at work, and tend to ignore on the weekends. (Bad, but true.)

I’ve also got a car for a little while, so am enjoying getting lots of little tasks done that I’ve been putting off doing because doing them by bus is a pest. Or rather, I’ve saved most of them up for this few weeks, knowing it would be so much easier.

Much, much more importantly I’ve spent time with my god-children. They are gorgeous.

So, once I’ve done the aforementioned ironing, I’ll be ready for the next three or four weeks of work, and can justifiably have a lazy and relaxing weekend.

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