God’s Timings; the continuing saga!

After a beautifully lazy day, and more cake than I’ve had for a long while, it didn’t finish quite so well. I was very upset by a crass piece of communicating, and for a while wondered if I was over-reacting, or had got it wrong. But, after gathering sympathy from various equally outraged friends, especially one who let me talk for ages late last night, I feel lots better, and determined to put it behind me!

Today, I had a long, long conversation with my landlady and lists have been made of things that need doing here, and we’ve both been pretty frank about how we see things going for the next few years.

So, I’m happily settling in my little home for the foreseeable future, I have work I love, several ideas about things that are not quite sorted yet. Most of this is never what I envisaged happening, but I am happy it’s all turned out this way.

It was a most contented Japes who indulged in a two hour nap this afternoon!!

2 thoughts on “God’s Timings; the continuing saga!

  1. Naps are wondrous things.

    Continued prayers; and hurrah for the successes and happy settling into your home.

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