Endings and beginnings

I was deliberately keeping myself very busy this weekend. Had I not completely turned my life upside down this time last year, I would’ve been elsewhere this weekend, saying goodbye to a place, and seeing the end of a significant chapter in my life. As it was, being there would not have been helpful for anyone, so I stayed away. Well away. I will be doing my own “goodbye” to this particular place in my own way another time.

This week, though, will also see the formal decision I’ve made to change my life put into process, and formal, official ending will happen soon. It’s strange, but oddly appropriate that the two formal endings have come so close together.

And as for beginnings?

I am beginning to glimpse the possibilities for my future. I am beginning to know what I really do want. I am definitely beginning to know, without any doubt, this is the right path.

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