Daily Archives: May 22, 2010


I remain mystified by the subject of gardening.

Having spent the morning on a long over due exploring of the garden, as well as the gardening equipment left here by my landlady, and finding out the lawn mower works, but the strimmer does not, and neither do the shears, I am in awe of those who actually like gardening. My kind next door neighbours gave me some helpful hints, and lent me some things to assist me until I can meander to the shop to purchase said useful items! I don’t think it was just relief I was going to do something about the wilderness my back garden had become. (We have also established that the fence that is falling to pieces is theirs, not mine, but none of us are too perturbed at the moment – though maybe when Littlest Neighbour is more mobile a sense of urgency about it may emerge!)

Luckily, I did only agree to keep it tidy, and it certainly looks much tidier than it was three hours ago.  Not bad for someone who has just, in the middle of her fifth decade, mown a lawn for the very first time.

But now, I am going to reward myself with lunch, then Band Practice.