Etiquette of the pavement…

Auntie Doris has reminded me of a rant I’ve been meaning to have for a few days now! After several days worth of  escapades with cars and cyclists and motorised scooters and the like, I would like to reclaim the pavement for the humble solo pedestrian!

Or, at least plead for some consideration for the humble solo pedestrian. Who spends a lot of time getting out of everyone’s way

Some parts of my walking routes to and from work do include sections of the pavement which are cycle lanes. However, I am aware of a growing tendency for many cyclists to assume they can cycle where they like, with little awareness of those of us walking. And with little awareness of the Highway Code.  My apologies to responsible cyclists, but I am encountering far more irresponsible ones, and my life is at risk!!

Then, there are pavements where cars think it’s perfectly OK to drive on them, because they are wide enough for a car, and the poor pedestrian is left wondering where to go!! Especially when the car stops, and the drivers asks you to move out of their way… and there is nowhere to go!! And there there are narrower roads, where cars park blocking most of the pavement, and their drivers think it outrageous that you want to be able to walk on the pavement, not on the road.

Then, there are those groups who walk in a line, hogging the width of the pavement.

I am on the slower side as a walker, I try do keep to one side or other of the pavement, so faster walkers can get past, but can’t always do even that in my efforts to avoid being mown down by cars, cyclists, motorised scooters.

It is a miracle I get home in one piece! Today it was a close run thing, and I have the bruise from the cycle’s handlebars to prove it.

7 thoughts on “Etiquette of the pavement…

  1. With you here, Japes. Drivers who drive/park on pavements get the sharp edge of my tongue. [Adopts sarcastic tone..] “Oh, keep death off the roads and drive on the pavement, why don’t you?”

  2. I think it’s illegal to park (and certainly to DRIVE!) on the footpath in most places in Australia …

  3. Ouch! Hope some sense and safety comes to you and your pavement walking.

    Hope the foot and knee continue to heal.

  4. Thank you, everyone! You’ll be pleased to know, Pieces of Mind are regularly doled out, and if they are people I recognise from my workplace, I’ve been known to find them, and tell them about their inconsiderate behaviour.

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