Foot is fine, knee not so, emotional state remarkably calm.

After moments of genius, (combination of new trainers, strapping on the bit of foot that was hurting most, and a day’s rest) the foot is no longer hurting, though I’m aware this may only be whilst I’m not walking much!

The knee however, is determined to sulk for a bit longer. I’m also aware it’s not liking the cold and the damp.

However, considering I have written a monumentally important letter this afternoon, I am feeling remarkably calm, and content. It made me cry a little in the writing of it, but only a little. Once it was done, and the back-up e-mail sent, I felt much more able to look a bit more clearly at the next steps work-wise, and what the rest of my life might contain.

Which is not as clear as it was, but I still think Plan A for finishing this in a couple of months is the better plan for me.