Mystery solved, meltdowns sorted, and feet

It’s been a very mixed day!

I solved the on-going mystery of Who Keeps Moving the Chairs, despite the “Please do not take the chairs out of this room” notices. It’s not the way I would’ve chosen to solve the mystery, but out of a horrendous situation, which has nothing to do with the chairs, has come a very little good.

I sorted my line manager’s momentary meltdown over matters technological. Well, I do that pretty regularly, but today’s was a pretty spectacular meltdown, albeit brief.

I solved my own feet and knees dilemma by going and buying new trainers for me to wear for the the walking part of the commute. (It’s about an hour of my travelling time!) If they are still sore and achy after the weekend, then I promise to take myself off to the doctor.

I also arrived home to my polling card, to my huge relief. After the last few weeks of persuading teenagers to take an interest in politics (a successful campaign! Several have shifted from “Why should I bother” to “I’m addicted to this!”) I would’ve been mortified to have to tell them I hadn’t voted because something had gone wrong with the getting me added to the electoral roll process.