Daily Archives: May 1, 2010


No, I’ve not been eating hot, buttered toast all this time. Nor have I been contemplating a long post all day.

I have been clothes shopping. I repeat, I have been clothes shopping. This is possibly my least favoured way of spending a Saturday of all time!! It’s possibly my least favoured activity of all time.

This has been forced upon me by the fact all my clothes are now way too big, I can get away with it with the tops, but the trousers and jeans I wear for work have been looking bad for some weeks, even with a belt… and we will not discuss the undergarments. Though, I did have a sort out of those recently, and it’s less of a problem than the outer garments.

The good news is I am definitely a size I can’t remember having been for more years than I wish to record. The bad news was almost every shop I went into had larger clothes and smaller clothes, but not the size I was after.

Still, I have returned with a new pair of jeans, for the days I need to look relatively respectable. (Luckily, on three days a week I can still get away with the old jeans, as we all wear old clothes that don’t matter as it’s messy work on those days.) I’ve come back with some ideas of what I want – and can try other branches of these places in a different part of the city.

The next thing will be new trainers. I last had feet/knee problems when I really needed new trainers!! For some reason, even though the shoes I’ve bought for work were a repeat pair, they are nowhere near as comfortable for walking in as the originals. I’m also wearing my steel toe cap boots twice a week, not just the once, and walking twice as far in them. My feet have rebelled!!

So, Monday will see me braving other parts of the city to continue these exciting excursions.

I need more toast!! As Miffy commented on the previous post; priorities!!

Change of plan

I was just about to sit down and write a long post, but I started thinking about toast, and butter, and honey, and concluded any post I write will not make sense until I’ve had some hot buttered toast.