Daily Archives: April 29, 2010

Calming influence, me??

Dearie me… I’m well beyond myself, and probably ought to have been put to bed without any supper long ago. But, fortunately, there’s no one around to tell me so, so I had a very nice supper of jacket potato, mixed salad, and cheese.

However, the uninvited aches and pains in the knees and the feets are subsiding, and new trainers will be purchased at the weekend for the daily walk to and from the train stations and around work place..

Work has been a roller coaster of emotional and traumatic incidents all week, with me supposedly the calm, supportive influence through it all. I did have to remove myself from the arena for a little while this morning, though, before returning to the fray after an unreasonable demand. Whilst I appreciated I’d been slow in getting work done in an area I don’t like working, I had actually been spending all week being dragged out of one role to work in my other role, and when I’ve been in this role, I’ve been away from this work, filling in for someone else all week. I am efficient, and good at the side of my work that I hate, but I can’t do it if I’m elsewhere doing two people’s work!

Oh well, all will be well. It has been an unusual week, and the unusualness of it is what I love about my work… I’d just occasionally love to have a clear day to tackle the paperwork!!