Confused, but pleased!

I have three or four “train-friends”. We got talking on Friday, (as we often do) about the cost of travel, and one of them suddenly said – “You know what I’ve discovered, it costs exactly the same to get a weekly ticket to Site B Town, (where I work once or twice a week, as well as Main Site Town on the other days, but rely on the inter-site shuttle bus or going in early, and getting a Real Bus) as it does to Main Site Town. You have to make sure you ask for a specific type of ticket, not the straight-forwards Your Station to Main Site Town Station. They know about this at the main station, so the little local stations should…”

I pondered this, as this seemed be very sensible. It’s acceptable to get off at Main Site Town, a stop before Site B Town, and would save me more time!! And money.

Yet, knowing the huge difference in cost of the day tickets, and judging by the National Season Ticket Calculator, where the difference in price in a weekly ticket to Main Site Town and Site B Town is £14.00, I was frankly dubious, despite what my friend had told me. Yet, they are only seven minutes apart on the train route.

Still, nothing ventured etc. etc. I duly inquired this morning. Sharp intakes of breath, “It’ll cost lots more, we’re sure, as it’s Across the County Border… but as you’ve asked, we’ll check.” (Just to prove we’re right and you are wrong, was the subtext.” )

Stunned amazement followed. “You are right, madam, you can indeed buy the weekly ticket you want, at the price you’ve just told us! We didn’t know that!!” It was duly issued to me with all due speed, before they could find a catch.

What is scary is that I am now better educated in train tickets than the station staff…

2 thoughts on “Confused, but pleased!

  1. Wow indeed! I didn’t mind doing the extra bit of bus travel once a week, but this cuts even that out, and gives us some flexibility for me to go to and from Site B Town more frequently, and for me not to worry much about getting back to Main Site Town on the inter-site bus if I’m sent to Site B Town unexpectedly. I can claim for inter-site travel if I have to, but this is far better.

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