Daily Archives: April 25, 2010


I’ve quite enjoyed these computer free days, and whilst I am more than relieved to have it back and working again, I am seriously contemplating making at least one day a week completely computer, and internet free.

I worked better at my admin work at work, knowing I didn’t have the “excuse” I could finish in that evening. I also got on with dealing with my own emails, knowing I only had my lunch break to deal with them in, or staying on later.

I read books in the evenings! Maybe shutting down earlier would work better for me?

However, writing is also a relaxation for me, and I do write at the computer now. I’m also living on my own, a fair way from many friends, most of whom keep in touch via the computer in one way or another!!

But – and this is a big one, I am not doing a lot about making friends locally. That’s partly because I don’t work locally, and have been keeping horrendous hours. Partly tiredness, and partly just not wanting to make friends only to move on again soon. (There’s no guarantee I’ll be in this house for very long, my current job finishes in July, and by mutual agreement, but at my instigation, contracts are not being renewed. Job hunting begins in earnest soon….) But, part of this is due to the fact I’m quite content with the friends I’ve got, and the way I keep in touch with them.

Mmm… Maybe now isn’t the time to do any more major changes!!


from making a complete and utter idiot of myself with the workplace techies tomorrow.

A new computer has been removed from the top of the priority list, as current one is now in perfect working order again.

Note to self: if “Operating System Not Found” appears again, check the hard drive hasn’t worked loose. If it has, shove it back in again.

That is all.