Daily Archives: April 17, 2010

Hello, weekend… not seen you for a long time.

I can report, with great glee, that the commuting is now much, much less horrid. Now I can read, which is always my preferred mode of occupation when travelling,  (generally my preferred mode of occupation any time, to be truthful!)  and I’m getting home at a more reasonable hour, I don’t feel  as if I’m spending more time travelling than working,(and wasted time at that, given my inability to read on buses) and resenting it. Which, I’m beginning to realise was a seriously corrosive feeling, having a bad effect on almost everything I was doing/thinking and definitely on my relationships with almost everyone I had contact with in the last couple of months.

I have also discovered that the train season ticket is less restricting than I had originally thought. I’d been reluctant to give up the bus pass, as it gave me travelling freedom on non-work days, which I had thought the train only option wouldn’t. But, as I was always too tired to do anything on non-work days it wasn’t working out that way… However, I can use this ticket to any of the stations in my region, (which is quite a size,) and not just to and from my local one.

And, my weekends are my own again.  I know I’ve had a couple of weekends to myself, but this is the first one since returning to work.So, once the washing is hung up, and the list written, I’m off to explore my new variations of travel, and taking myself off to Supermarket of Choice, which just happens to be by a train station I’ve never been to before!