Daily Archives: April 8, 2010


I hate gardening. I loathe gardening. I detest gardening.

I would rather have MissLisa’s root canal treatment on her behalf, I would rather clean and declutter anyone’s home than garden. I would rather do a term’s worth of record keeping, (and, um, we won’t discuss my track record there!)

Therefore, if I have a day at home, and the sun is shining, my heart sinks, because I should go and do a little weeding and tidying, and I Don’t Want To. I am only consoled that bad as I am at it, I am capable of at least keeping it tidy, but no more. (Which was the deal when I moved in!)

I probably should find someone to do a deal with, I’ll do their housework for a couple of hours, if they do my garden? Any takers?