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Calming influence, me??

Dearie me… I’m well beyond myself, and probably ought to have been put to bed without any supper long ago. But, fortunately, there’s no one around to tell me so, so I had a very nice supper of jacket potato, mixed salad, and cheese.

However, the uninvited aches and pains in the knees and the feets are subsiding, and new trainers will be purchased at the weekend for the daily walk to and from the train stations and around work place..

Work has been a roller coaster of emotional and traumatic incidents all week, with me supposedly the calm, supportive influence through it all. I did have to remove myself from the arena for a little while this morning, though, before returning to the fray after an unreasonable demand. Whilst I appreciated I’d been slow in getting work done in an area I don’t like working, I had actually been spending all week being dragged out of one role to work in my other role, and when I’ve been in this role, I’ve been away from this work, filling in for someone else all week. I am efficient, and good at the side of my work that I hate, but I can’t do it if I’m elsewhere doing two people’s work!

Oh well, all will be well. It has been an unusual week, and the unusualness of it is what I love about my work… I’d just occasionally love to have a clear day to tackle the paperwork!!

Confused, but pleased!

I have three or four “train-friends”. We got talking on Friday, (as we often do) about the cost of travel, and one of them suddenly said – “You know what I’ve discovered, it costs exactly the same to get a weekly ticket to Site B Town, (where I work once or twice a week, as well as Main Site Town on the other days, but rely on the inter-site shuttle bus or going in early, and getting a Real Bus) as it does to Main Site Town. You have to make sure you ask for a specific type of ticket, not the straight-forwards Your Station to Main Site Town Station. They know about this at the main station, so the little local stations should…”

I pondered this, as this seemed be very sensible. It’s acceptable to get off at Main Site Town, a stop before Site B Town, and would save me more time!! And money.

Yet, knowing the huge difference in cost of the day tickets, and judging by the National Season Ticket Calculator, where the difference in price in a weekly ticket to Main Site Town and Site B Town is £14.00, I was frankly dubious, despite what my friend had told me. Yet, they are only seven minutes apart on the train route.

Still, nothing ventured etc. etc. I duly inquired this morning. Sharp intakes of breath, “It’ll cost lots more, we’re sure, as it’s Across the County Border… but as you’ve asked, we’ll check.” (Just to prove we’re right and you are wrong, was the subtext.” )

Stunned amazement followed. “You are right, madam, you can indeed buy the weekly ticket you want, at the price you’ve just told us! We didn’t know that!!” It was duly issued to me with all due speed, before they could find a catch.

What is scary is that I am now better educated in train tickets than the station staff…


I’ve quite enjoyed these computer free days, and whilst I am more than relieved to have it back and working again, I am seriously contemplating making at least one day a week completely computer, and internet free.

I worked better at my admin work at work, knowing I didn’t have the “excuse” I could finish in that evening. I also got on with dealing with my own emails, knowing I only had my lunch break to deal with them in, or staying on later.

I read books in the evenings! Maybe shutting down earlier would work better for me?

However, writing is also a relaxation for me, and I do write at the computer now. I’m also living on my own, a fair way from many friends, most of whom keep in touch via the computer in one way or another!!

But – and this is a big one, I am not doing a lot about making friends locally. That’s partly because I don’t work locally, and have been keeping horrendous hours. Partly tiredness, and partly just not wanting to make friends only to move on again soon. (There’s no guarantee I’ll be in this house for very long, my current job finishes in July, and by mutual agreement, but at my instigation, contracts are not being renewed. Job hunting begins in earnest soon….) But, part of this is due to the fact I’m quite content with the friends I’ve got, and the way I keep in touch with them.

Mmm… Maybe now isn’t the time to do any more major changes!!


from making a complete and utter idiot of myself with the workplace techies tomorrow.

A new computer has been removed from the top of the priority list, as current one is now in perfect working order again.

Note to self: if “Operating System Not Found” appears again, check the hard drive hasn’t worked loose. If it has, shove it back in again.

That is all.

Connected again

It’s been a traumatic week, computer-wise. I have a terminally ill computer, which will probably have to be handed into the doctor for major surgery. In the meantime, I’m running it on a very, very simple system, so’s I’m not totally without internet at home, and trying not to worry that I seem to have lost a load of contact information, along with a certain amount of data which I thought was backed up, and, um, isn’t.

The most vital piece of work, however, was not completely lost, but I did have to spend a day reconstructing the previous days work!

Methinks a new computer has just put itself at the top of my priority list.


I deleted my last post – just because two hymns were played well, but didn’t suit me, doesn’t mean I need to take my temper about it out on the world.

Hello, weekend… not seen you for a long time.

I can report, with great glee, that the commuting is now much, much less horrid. Now I can read, which is always my preferred mode of occupation when travelling,  (generally my preferred mode of occupation any time, to be truthful!)  and I’m getting home at a more reasonable hour, I don’t feel  as if I’m spending more time travelling than working,(and wasted time at that, given my inability to read on buses) and resenting it. Which, I’m beginning to realise was a seriously corrosive feeling, having a bad effect on almost everything I was doing/thinking and definitely on my relationships with almost everyone I had contact with in the last couple of months.

I have also discovered that the train season ticket is less restricting than I had originally thought. I’d been reluctant to give up the bus pass, as it gave me travelling freedom on non-work days, which I had thought the train only option wouldn’t. But, as I was always too tired to do anything on non-work days it wasn’t working out that way… However, I can use this ticket to any of the stations in my region, (which is quite a size,) and not just to and from my local one.

And, my weekends are my own again.  I know I’ve had a couple of weekends to myself, but this is the first one since returning to work.So, once the washing is hung up, and the list written, I’m off to explore my new variations of travel, and taking myself off to Supermarket of Choice, which just happens to be by a train station I’ve never been to before!


Life has been full of them!

Topics have been many and varied, including the vexed question of how to get the photos off my phone, and onto the computer (we’re working on it!) the astonishment generated by me picking up a Bible and finding what we were talking about instantly, (it’s very easy to bamboozle the non-church going, non- reading book using older teenage boy with simple skills like finding the Gospel according to Luke..)  how to tackle the initial phone call to ask about a job, labelling theory, and many, many more.I can’t say I completed the day’s set tasks, but I had much more fun in this job today than I’ve had for a while now.

Yesterday’s long dreaded official conversation, however, went remarkably well, and I came away with a simple task to do, to get the next stage of the process under way. I feel much, much calmer about the future, unclear as much of it still is.

And so back to daily routine…

I think, in the end, the decision to reduce the commuting time and cut out the bus part of the journey will pay off! I had completely forgotten I can read serious books on a train, whereas reading even light fiction on a bus is well nigh impossible, (I’ve tried, oh, I’ve tried!) so the half an hour on the main train lends itself nicely to a good reading slot, which I was too tired to do when I got home in the evenings before.

Interesting conversations with those with whom I work today… there appears to have been attitude adjustments all round over the last two or three weeks, and work was being tackled in a far more serious fashion that I have been accustomed to seeing.

I think I’ve also made the correct decision not to continue in this work after this session is finished. It’s been good work to do in this year, but long term it will not be good. Either for me, or for those I work with… It’s helping me sit very lightly to the chaos I know that is going on in this sector.

This week also sees the resuming of the last stage of serious negotiations and discussions about the Rest of My Life.  I still have no clue what I want to be when I grow up, but I know what I don’t want to be, and with that, I am content.


Thank you for the nicely supportive comments on the previous post!! Shame I can’t take any of them up, (though, I am planning on a trip to your bit of the world JtL sometime over the summer!) but it’s good to know the idea is not a silly one.

I kind of think this weekend is a pivotal one, it’s the first weekend I’ve had to myself for months, possibly years! It’s the last one of a break before returning to the last three months of this particular work place, so I’ve been preparing myself for the return of Early Mornings and Horrid Commuting. Along with getting organised with packed lunches, files ready to be filled with work, ironed work clothes… it’s deeply scary how organised I am at the minute.

The Horrid Commuting is going to be less horrid. I’ve been doing a ghastly bus/train combination for financial reasons, but have concluded my sanity is more important, so will be doing just the train for this next bit of time. It won’t actually make a great deal of difference in the mornings, but will mean I get home about an hour and a half earlier in the evenings. It might even mean the return of a bit of a social life – which has been the real casualty of the last few months. It will mean I won’t have a bus pass for weekends, but I can live with that for this last bit of time.

It’ ll also mean more walking, which possibly won’t be  a bad thing, either. There has gradually been less and less of me for a while now, and I can only put it down to the fact I’ve been walking a lot and generally more active in the working day. I have been eating differently, but I wouldn’t have said it made enough of a difference to mean I’ve got to contemplate replacing all my jeans/trousers, except two pairs, which have only just come back into circulation again!!

Then there are up-coming official conversations to be had, official letters to be written, and formal decisions to be implemented. Eek! Time to go and enjoy the sunshine whilst I can, methinks.