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Is it time to worry about me yet?

Some time ago, the CD part of my music playing device died (yes, that’s three pieces of technology died on me in quick succession, boiler, printer and CD player) and it didn’t seem that high on my list of priorities for replacing. If my printer hadn’t also decided to die, I might have replaced the CD player with some Christmas money, but, alas, a new printer definitely took priority.

I did find myself missing my CDs, though, especially during the run up to Christmas, and my usual radios stations of choice were playing wall to wall Christmas Carols. There is only so much of that I can tolerate before committing radio rage, especially in the fortnight I was playing an awful lot of them myself. I was wondering just what I could do about it when I was reminded I did possess a computer and CDs could be played on that… Cue a deeply blushing Japes, who had completely forgotten about this option, and the option of ripping CDs to the computer. (A newly acquired skill!!) Which also cut out my other reason for forgetting about my laptop’s CD playing capacity, the wobbling of a CD in a laptop balanced on a lap….

So, a happy evening was passed a few nights ago creating myself some playlists.

But – I seem unable to let myself have them in anything other than alphabetical order. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

What did you get for Christmas?

Was the opening line of Sunday’s sermon… and I nearly threw my hymn book at the preacher for total lack of originality! Which would not have been very well behaved of me on a first Sunday at a likely new church. (It is likely to be where I go most Sundays, mostly because it’s within easy walking distance, but I will test out one or two others before making my mind up.)

However, I did ponder today that I got far more for Christmas than the two presents I opened when I returned after Midnight Mass.

I’m feeling more and more like myself as time goes by, and less and less inclined to be anything other than that!!

I’ve working out who my genuine friends are, and there’s been a surprise or two, but mostly not.

I’ve got a dear little home, and home it is indeed becoming.

I’ve still not got a clue what the future holds, and what I’m doing in the way of paid work, which gets more of a conundrum every day at the moment, but I have New Plans!!

There are how many men in the house?!

I’ve lost track. Which give how teeny my house is, is a bit worrysome. However, I do not really care as a working boiler is well on it’s way, I have felt heat coming from the radiators, which hasn’t happened since the morning of the boiler’s demise, and I am so, so, so looking forwards to a Hot Bath, and getting some laundry done. The latter would have been possible, as it’s a cold water feed machine, but drying the results would have been a nightmare.

I have done all the important phone calls I should’ve done a fortnight ago…

I have finished this term’s work.

Apart from an appointment with the organ stool, and a requirement for me to play some more Christmas Carols, I am not required to do anything else until 2nd January, other than relax and enjoy myself. Though, I am a tad concerned Life might take this as some kind of challenge to throw something else interesting at me to deal with.

Ah, the happy, joyful sound of water gurgling through the radiators!! Here’s hoping I will soon be called upon to be instructed in how the dear new boiler and it’s control panel works.

It’s all happening

Looks like my preferred plan for work after Christmas may be possible, after all. I’m pleased for me, but also very sad, because other friends in the same field of work are losing their jobs very suddenly, just before Christmas. I was also offered more work at the other place as well this week. Which, if Plan A really doesn’t happen, I will accept, and resign myself to the nasty commute four days a week, rather than only once, or twice.

Then, I came home to no heat, no hot water, and when I went to investigate, and gingerly turned a tap or two, water poured from places water shouldn’t have been pouring from. Various taps have been turned off, hastily, and Nice Mr Gas Installation Man will come and see what’s what tomorrow. And, I’ve now dried out.

I so enjoyed yesterday evening just chatting to friends I’ve not spoken to properly for ages… I am hopeful the slight phone phobia I was developing may well be cured.

I was going to be brave and investigate a new church tomorrow, but I think staying in for Nice Mr Gas Installation Man tomorrow is more important.

Whilst I’m waiting patiently

I will put my enforced waiting in for the Telephone Engineer to good use, and tell, for your amusement, the saga.

I was beautifully organised, and arranged for BT to come and do the needful for getting me my phone line (so I could then organise my internet as soon as I could) before I moved, and was quite content that it would not happen for a week after I’d moved, as a week without being bombarded with phone calls sounded like a Good Idea when I had just moved.

Come the appointed morning and hour, I was stood in my kitchen making a cup of coffee, and walked back through to the sitting room, to find a note from the Engineer, “We could not contact you, please arrange another appointment.” I checked my mobile phone, nothing. I then looked at the note – the engineer had the number written wrongly. So, of course, if he’d tried that, he would’ve got some random person that wasn’t me. And, um, given the front door opens straight into the sitting room, then you go straight into the kitchen, and the door bell rings in the kitchen – loudly…. Also, the letter box clatters, normally, so they must have tried very hard to be quiet as they put the note through, as I heard nothing.

I was incandescent with rage. Oh, was I cross!! And the Telephone Company got the full force of my opinion… politely, calmly, but they were left in no doubt what so ever I was seriously angry. But they were still adamant that nothing could be done now for another two and a bit weeks and another Telephone Engineer would come by today instead..

I had my polite, calm, but angry say again. Nothing doing.

Then, I received an e-mail telling me the phone would be activated today but that I wouldn’t need an engineer…. I rang again, asking did I or did I not need an engineer, and if I didn’t, why would my phone not work until the 18th? “That’s strange,” said the very nice woman the other end of the phone, “I’ll just phone the Engineers.”

Yes, apparently I do need an engineer, no, there is no way they can bring an appointment forwards, even if it’s their fault, and somehow I seem to have slipped through various nets as they had an appointment down for me, which had been cancelled.

I received a letter three days later, repeating the words of the e-mail… activation on 18th, no engineer needed. I phone again! “Oh, the letter gets generated with the e-mail – ignore it.”

In the meantime, I’ve invested in a pay as you go dongle, so I can at least send e-mails and do a bit of blogging, and hopefully this evening, I will be able to phone various people and reassure them that I am still alive. (Though, as I will point out to one or two people, they could’ve phoned my mobile to check that! Especially as they are the people who complained all the years I didn’t have a mobile that they would keep in touch better if I did have one. Right.)

Here’s hoping there are no further chapters to this saga.

Oh, and I sport a most splendiferous scab on my right knee, but it’s much less painful, and more willing to do its job as I need it to. Thank you to those who enquired.

Church and Music

Organ playing is going to be interesting tomorrow. Right Knee has turned several interesting shades of purple, and has the kind of large scab developing that is going to be irresistible for picking purposes in a few days time. Moreover, Right Knee currently does not like being used for its main function of bending the leg. This makes things like sitting with feet neatly on the floor, the process of standing up, and playing the pedal board of the organ somewhat interesting!

I can also envisage the getting on to the organ stool process being even more entertaining than usual. It’s a high stool, especially for someone who is short of stature, and somewhat rotund. It’s achieved with the aid of another chair next to the stool for balancing purposes. I can only be grateful that I normally do the process of getting on and off the stool at moments during the service when most people are occupied with other matters! And that wearing jeans to this church is perfectly acceptable.

I am, however, weakening on a weekly basis in my resolve to find a new church! I do have good reasons for needing to do this…and one in particular. My failure is partly because this particular church is such a good one for me, for now. Partly because my main reason is incomprehensible to anyone but me, and God, (and even God seems to be on everyone else’s side at the moment in this matter) and the main reason I’m giving seems to most people (which isn’t my main reason) not a particularly good one at all. However, I am genuinely not keen to spend significant chunks of Sundays hanging around for buses, if there’s a reasonable church closer at hand. It would also be good for me to be going to church and not either playing, or reading, or intercessing, or helping on any rota, or being anyone other than me for a little while. Trouble is, at this time of year, I find it hard to say no to requests to play, especially when I know the church, and how hard it can be to get anyone to play for Midnight.

This all needs rethinking in the New Year!

My knee saw stars

as it made contact with the pavement, very unexpectedly, and very rapidly. It really wasn’t good news that I had a large bag of potatoes in my backpack to add to my own weight helping the speed of descent. The good news was that there is less of me, and had this happened four months ago it would have been much worse.

Knee has now stiffened up very nicely, despite my ministrations, and hot bath, and coaxing into good behaviour. This is going to make the four lots of twenty minute walks to train stations and work fun tomorrow, so I might go to work the slow way, (doing half of the journey on two buses) thereby cutting out two lots of twenty minute walks.

I think I’ve done most of the Moving House stuff…

I’ve not done the admin I said I was going to do at home today, but there was excellent reason for it, and I have time tomorrow.

Only six more work days, then a fortnight off….