No, I wasn’t dreaming, it really happened…

With apologies to my Australian readers, I am now going to gloat and I shall be floating on a cloud for days now. Wearing a Scotland Rugby Shirt!!

Scotland really did beat Australia… I didn’t dream it.

I have, for some years, been describing my loyal and faithful support for Scottish Rugby Union, especially in the Six Nations, as penitential. Who needed to take on extra penance during Lent when the five matches of the Six Nations involving Scotland so often provided angst and misery enough to fill many Lents.

So, I take my joy and happiness where I can find it, and today is definitely a happy one for Scottish Rugby Union.

4 thoughts on “No, I wasn’t dreaming, it really happened…

  1. I’m not a rugby fan, but after the woeful footie of last week I’ll take the victory and enjoy it too 🙂

    Actually I heard about the first 10 minutes of the match on the radio while I was washing up, heard Australia score their penalty, and gave up listening after that. I couldn’t quite believe it when I listened to the news later on!

  2. I only saw the last twenty minutes or so, not having come in from work in time to see the beginning… but what a twenty minutes. My heart rate has only just begun to slow down!

    I have been known to watch the football if Scotland is involved, but do much prefer rugby.

  3. oh I have no problems with others beating us, it’s good for the boys! Makes ’em stop coasting and actually do some work 🙂 Good on Scotland!

  4. Thank you, Misslisa!

    I am indeed wearing my Scotland shirt with great pride today, but, with one exception, it caused great confusion at church, as no one takes any notice of Scottish Rugby, and they only ever usually see me wearing it during Six Nations season.

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