What can happen in a year…

Oh my.

I knew my life was going to be turned inside out and upside down this past year, I couldn’t imagine in how many different ways this has happened.

This time last year, all I had done was make the basic decision. Things were going to change, as soon as I had fulfilled a contractual obligation. I had a vague idea I might have some kind of full time job by now, possibly in the sector in which I do a somewhat unusual job, and possibly lodging with someone, somewhere in the vicinity of that job.

I didn’t imagine I’d be juggling three part time jobs, which still don’t add up to full time employment.

I so didn’t imagine I’d be living where I’m living now, nor did I ever imagine it would be in this city, which is a somewhat inconvenient distance away from work, or that I would be actively choosing to remain in this city for the foreseeable future. Ironic, since I kicked and screamed about being here last time round, and the time before that.

I’d allowed for the last few months to be a lot of an emotional roller coaster, I certainly had not predicted the way in which it became more of one than I’d thought might be the case.

I couldn’t imagine how content I have become, despite the many uncertainties that continue.

Just a phase I’m going through? Maybe or maybe not… but I do think in a few months time, when this phase comes to a definitive end, there are so many possibilities. And, I’ve an inkling I know which way one of them will turn out.