Daily Archives: October 19, 2009

Normal-ish service resumed

Yesterday, um, I was having a tantrum-y, tearful day, and decided to shut myself away, as not fit for inflicting on the human race.

Today, I gave myself a stern talking to, and tackled the long, long list of really silly little jobs that needed doing, and feel tons better for having achieved almost all I set out to do.

So, I’ve collected the new uniform t-shirts for work and ironed them all (all twenty… three each for the two of us who need them every week, and the rest for volunteers) ironed my own stuff for the week, shopped for work, shopped for me, hoovered, dusted, mended the gate, raked up about eight bin-liners full of leaves, terrorised the local teenagers, (who now only take one look at me raking up leaves and think better of their foolish actions – I harbour no illusions, they continue to use the front garden as a supposed short cut when I’m not watching, but they no longer attempt it when I am there) mused on music for Friday’s funeral, and am now ready for a good night’s sleep.

Strangely, despite the fact I did very little yesterday, I did not sleep well at all. I do seem to be needing to be much more active, and busy at the moment for sleep to happen.