Daily Archives: September 7, 2009

Just a city person, really!

I’m back in a larger city, and feel so much more alive again.

Or was that to do with the really enthusiastic “Welcome back” I got at church yesterday, despite the fact I kept reiterating it is really only for three months?

Or the fact both job and accommodation prospects are looking immediately much more like coming together in time for the end of this three months already!!

The last six/seven weeks have been excellent as a kind of buffer zone between what I’ve been doing for the last twenty years or more, and the here and now, and a good place to start sorting my life out, but now is also the right time to be moving on.

So, I’m off to sort out my months bus ticket, buy work T-shirts and get them embroidered, return a cheque book, deliver some post, introduce myself properly to someone who’s only met me once in a whirling dervish moment during a children’s holiday club session but who’s going to see more of me over the next few months, re-activate my library ticket, and wonder if I’ve really broken the washing machine already!

Oh, and ignore the piles of cardboard boxes! I’ll go through them slowly and properly another day… I’ve unpacked clothes and music books and CDs, what more do I need?

It’s all go!! Yippee!!