I like the new collection of statistics!!

Looks like someones’s been having fun with the stats over the weekend. There are so many more options to choose from..

Waves enthusiastically to my new visitors from the Phillippines, Switzerland, Germany, and India and to those who seem to keep coming back for more!

3 thoughts on “I like the new collection of statistics!!

  1. Aha, yes, it was you! (Totally off topic here in case anyone else is reading this comment).

    Josephine Butler. Well, what an amazing woman! I ordered the book from the library and gave myself an education. Why isn’t this woman better known? I worked the answer out to that rather slowly (derrrr). I couldn’t understand why such a dynamic and dedicated reformer wasn’t as well known as Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth Fry…they had Ladybird books about written about them. Why not JB? Slowly the light dawned. I suppose Ladybird found the subject of prostitution and sex slavery rather tricky to explain to 6-year olds.
    Thank you for bringing her to my attention. 🙂

  2. Kerensa, in her day she was better known than Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth Fry. But, yes, the whole of her life’s work is not really suitable for young children! And I guess as well a lot of adults would prefer not to think about it all.

    But, I think she was amazing, and am delighted to have introduced yo to her,

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