Not sure it’s safe today

Last night, Scrabble did strange things to me and I thought I’d broken it, another site I use regularly has snapped it’s elastic bands and lost it’s blu-tack this morning, therefore I am a tad concerned I might be spreading my bad influence around by writing here, but I will take all the blame if such happenings occur.

I am very tired. The sort of tired that just has me wanting to sleep, and sleep, and sleep some more. This happens occasionally, and luckily, I can do just that!

I am deeply impressed that this minuscule corner of the blogging world is reached by people from four different continents! Though, to the person who found it by enquiring about “Organist Bare Feet” I would suggest playing the organ in bare feet is perfectly do-able, but not necessarily the best course of action. I am about to be looking for a suitable pair of shoes, with thin soles and slight heels as this is by far kinder to the feet.

I am bemused by how this may have been found by “housework prayer”.

And, as ever, much sympathy to all those going through phases of one kind or another.