I would have blogged

but, circumstances were against me!! Including the lack of a password… oops.

Circumstances have now all aligned again, but I’m somewhat sleepy, having made the most of being home alone to do some shifting around of my stuff, and a colossal amount of laundry. How did I get through so many T shirts and jeans/trousers in the last fortnight?

Actually, given I’ve moved me and my belongings from one place to another, which has including carrying it all down two flights of stairs, packing it into the car, then unpacking the other end, and then been involved in a weeks worth of events involving small children, and got very wet on two days, it’s not surprising how many T shirts and jeans/trousers have just been washed!

I am reunited with my radio/CD player which is bliss…

I still appear to be completely dis-interested in chocolate. Which is completely un-natural. I totally agree with all those who have previously commented on this.

I will be gone for another few days, then normal blogging should resume…