Monthly Archives: June 2009

Wilting, very rapidly.

The good news is the plants all seem to be surviving my ministrations.

But as for me, I am wilting! It’s gone 11.00. p.m and still too hot to consider going to bed yet. Luckily, I think I can declare it too hot to be wearing the official garments I normally wear to tomorrow’s commitments, and go for sensible, cooler, more summery garments instead.

I managed to get through the last normal afternoon at one of my regular commitments in one piece. I’ve three more sessions there, but for different purposes. I heard one of the songs in a shop today, and astounded myself at singing quietly along whilst I was contemplating the joys of being able to buy sandals in a different colour. Well, not the same colour I’ve worn for over twenty years. It was an odd, but nicely odd feeling!

Decisions about the months of July and August have been made, and packing up here will start one next week is done. Lists will be made, I fear.

Spreadsheet delights

In between church, and pondering how the next week is going to work logistically, and scaring myself, I have been ensconced in a corner with multiple sets of spreadsheets.

I use “delights” very sarcastically – I currently keep two different lots of accounts and neither job is pleasant, for very different reasons. I don’t actually dislike doing accounts, though if I were doing nothing but accounts, I would get to dislike them rapidly. I do get quite a kick out of sorting them out, and making them make sense.

Anyway, I’ve come up with all the answers to the questions for tomorrow morning. I hope. I’ve also come close to all the answers I need for Tuesday morning for the other lot, and for bringing that set to end of year status within the next fortnight, so I’m calling it quits for tonight. Yes, I know what time it is, but it was kind of noisy around here until about two hours ago, and I was making the most of the peace when it happened to concentrate!!

Anyway, tempting as it is to linger in a world of words after a day with a world of numbers, (apart from church, and even there I seemed to be doing sums) I have an abominably early start in the morning, and I need my sleep.

Good night.

Silly Season is upon me…

The next fortnight looks ridiculously busy, on paper. I know, I’ve just written it all down. It’s one of those times if I don’t have a timetable on my wall, I’m apt to go horribly wrong. It’s not quite as bad as it looks, though, as for some of it I’ll just be sitting patiently, to do my little bit, then sneak out again!

I do wish ordination season was better organised, though. I think I’m kind of grateful they’re all roughly in the same direction, and not opposite ends of the county this year.

Then, it’s preparation time for the children’s holiday work stuff… This year, I am not getting dressed up as any character at all, for which I am truly and deeply grateful. I cannot guarantee I won’t end up either soaking wet, or smothered with shaving foam or some other delightfully childish substance, at some point, though.

It perturbs me that of all the things I could have remembered easily on a health and safety test after a three hour session, the one thing that seems to have stuck in my brain is the date of the Manual Handling Regulations. (1992).

Oh. Am excited. Oh.

New memo to self.

Chill – God’s ideas are remarkably good ones, and if God really wants me Elsewhere, then, the Elsewhere will be provided!

On two counts am I currently excited, both very unexpectedly so. A New Idea for where I might live for the next year has entered the arena, and from such an unexpected source. It’s not somewhere I’d ever considered, and it’s not where I’m currently job hunting, but it is a very strong possibility if the current set of possibilities don’t work out…

Then, there was this evening’s youth service. We have a small, but faithful band of teenagers, and this is a new initiative, having a shortish evening service that is purely for them. Hopefully, soon, they will be a bit more confident about leading or directing it themselves, but for this evening, I’d volunteered to make sure something happened. They’re also an eclectic bunch, and what one half likes, the other half hates. Oh joy!

Anyway, I decided on a chilled approach, given it’s also exam season, and I know they’ve all been extra busy with numerous things lately. So, we read about prayer in the Bible, talked about what prayer was… then I left them to get on with praying! I’d brought down several options, dependant on who was there, and in the end went with a clear, straight-forwards exercise to do… if they wanted… and left various pictures and icons and crosses around for them to use… if they wanted.

What they wanted was the exercise I gave them, and silence. So, that is what they got! I reluctantly got them out of their deep silence twenty or so minutes later, but I think they’d’ve stayed there for a lot longer if it were possible.

It’s been a good day!


Reminder to self – do not go to musicals at the moment, especially if it is known the songs are going to make you cry.

Next reminder to self – if foolish behaviour, as cited above, is indulged in, then remembering to take hankies is a Good Idea.

Further reminder to self – if going to see the film of “My Sister’s Keeper” remember how many tears were shed at the book, and follow same advice as for musicals.

Another reminder to self – emotions are all over the place, are likely to be so for some time, so do not take things personally.

Final Reminder to self – the 31A bus does not follow the same route as the 31 bus. Do not be lured onto a 31A because the driver smiled nicely, as opposed to the driver on the 31, who did his best to run pedestrians over…

If I were sensible,

I would go to bed now…

But, after a long, long day culminating with the last train home being half an hour late, I need to unwind a bit first. The train lateness was a tad perturbing on a station with no way of gaining information about lateness of trains, there being no staff or indicator boards, and when I’d already been sat patiently reading a book to pass the hour I’d already been waiting there. However, I was still home earlier than I would’ve been if I’d gone for the bus option, and the bus station is not a good place to be hanging around for an hour or more at night.

I did my usual work stint, then meandered around the town for an hour or so before meandering back to workplace to enjoy the evening’s entertainment (A Mid Summer’s Night Dream). I’ve got to know all the performers a bit over the last year or so, and had been looking forwards to this. It was a good performance in many ways, especially considering the age of the cast (late teens), but I was drifting off a bit by the end, as the pace got erratic, and definitely had trouble hearing some of them. But there were some excellent moments of pure comedy, Puck and Helena were outstandingly good, a couple of the main characters improved greatly as time went on, and there were two or three scenes that stood out as superb. When I see them next, I will certainly be most appreciative, because I know how hard they all worked, and will give my criticisms only if they ask what I really thought. (Which, they may do… or they may not!)

Mind you, my own next few weeks are going to be erratic!! Next week looks like being my last “normal” week under my current routine, and it goes into free-fall from the week after.

Góðan dag

Góðan dag to my visitor from Iceland. I have had a fascinating time reading about the Icelandic language as I looked for an appropriate greeting.

Though, I have spent most of the afternoon in sleep mode rather than looking for Icelandic greetings. Church is going to be somewhat difficult for the next few weeks, and I was grateful I was the organist this morning, and thus thoroughly occupied.

Thing is, the next few weeks are just going to have to be got through, and I can’t make it any easier for people who don’t understand why I’m moving away, when I should’ve been here for another few years yet. I can’t do any more than explain what it’s not about… especially when I can’t say what I’m moving to, because I don’t know yet. Especially when I can’t commit to anything other than a job that keeps body and soul together, and a roof over my head. There’s so much I can’t do for the next year….But, at the moment, there are still three possible options that may yield the right job and place for now!! I’d quite like one of them to become clear, sooner rather than later.

I think reaction set in about an hour ago! I’ve been cool, calm and collected publicly for days now, telling people, dealing patiently with questions, and e-mails, assuring lots of people “It’s not your fault.”

But today… I don’t want to be keeping that front up right now, and have retreated back into my corner.

Strange afternoon

Been pondering this afternoon’s conversation on and off, as I came home from it in a very odd, almost tearful mood. It’s been a strange week, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s not been nearly as stressful as I thought it might have been, though there have seen some surprises. It’s definitely been a week for sorting out who your friends really are.

One of the odd things about the last two years or so is the number of people I’ve known well in different parts of my life, who all now live in close proximity to where I currently live. I’d been putting off having a conversation with the person I went to see this afternoon, but couldn’t do so any longer.

I’ve been aware for quite a while that this particular friendship hasn’t been one of the most helpful in recent times. Some of that is easily accountable for, but this afternoon emphasised how much things have changed, and I think it’s time to let this one quietly go. We used to be able to chatter about almost anything, but I find myself no longer wanting to do that with this person any more.

Still, I was reminded of one thing this afternoon… the best way to “manage” me is not to try!!

I am also adamant I do not need a pet, of any variety.

Discipline required

Oh, I have discovered a wonderful new thing on the internet, and if I’m not careful, I can see myself being led very easily astray by this wondrous discovery of digital sheet music.

For a small sum, I can purchase music, for a single printing from my computer. Most useful for the odd occasion when I’m asked for a song as a one-off. Somewhat heavy on my ink usage, but still, in total, cheaper than glossy sheet music would be, and meant I could do the task of locating the music I needed this evening.

I had to download some music reading software, which I realise I’d had on my old computer, but never got to downloading onto this one, and that was the most problematic part of the whole exercise. But, I remembered this from the last time, and patiently persevered.

And, in further wonders of the internet, I have listened to the song as well. (Ssshh – it won’t be remaining in my repertoire beyond the End of Term event for which it is required!)

My soups and smoothies were just what I needed, and I feel lots better now. Discipline required there, too!!


If I write, and send, over 150 letters and e-mails in a short space of time, the chances are I will be inundated with replies – all in a short space of time!

Eating badly, too late in the evening has consequences that I’m not going to describe. I think now there was a bit of a nasty bug as well….

Eating poorly puts me in a bad mood. This I know, but occasionally ignore. Now is not the time to ignore it. So, a mega-huge pan of home-made veggie soup is on the agenda for tomorrow, and fruit and yogurt smoothies are likely to be made. This is soothing stuff after the consequences of yesterday, and makes up for the almost total lack of food over the last 24 hour. The carrot and coriander soup was nice, though.

Tomorrow, I am going to take myself off to collect a long awaited new book, deliver the last three letters, and then have a lazy three days after the cooking session. I might even ignore both phones and e-mails.