Daily Archives: March 28, 2009

Lights off!

though, there was nothing I could do to convince the rest of the household that turning a few lights off was acceptable for an hour when the TV schedule is set in stone on a Saturday night. Mind you, I can’t convince her to turn lights off when she’s not in a room anyway.

I didn’t dare have candles in my room, though, as we have a somewhat hyper sensitive and drama queen-ish fire alarm system. Least thing sets it off. And it’s Loud. So, I’ve been sitting pondering life and the universe in the dark.

Mentally drafting a Very Important E-mail to be precise. A mixture of me being supportive and sympathetic, but also formal and passing on information that the recipient doesn’t need to act on, but might feel obliged to offer to, and I don’t want that until the time is right. Which is not now. (Well, from my point of view it was three weeks ago, but from his it’s going to be a while….)

Tricky. Very tricky. I think, and pray, I’ve got the balance right! I’ve sent it, anyway. We shall see.

So, now I await the reply…. and maybe I should switch the lights on again! Though, I’m quite liking just sitting in the dark.