Daily Archives: March 1, 2009

Not the best playing…

Bother. Those with any musicality knew I wasn’t exactly at my best at church today. But, I think I need to do some more work with the organ and find out exactly which stops are not working. As well as working out which sound on the electric piano thingy is the most effective.

However, once I got home, and had half an hour with the house to myself, I did sing and play “Jesus put this song into our hearts” with much gusto for Smudgie, and “Cwm Rhondda” for the Welsh, and “O, Love that will not let me go” and “What a friend we have in Jesus” just because, and then, having made me cry, (as “O, Love that will not let me go” is prone to doing) I played through a few of my favourites for me.

This week is interesting to say the least. it’s all happening, but not on the days I would normally expect them to. The potential for it to all go Horribly Wrong is enormous. However, I’ve been very organised, and packed the four different work bags for the week, and I just have to get to the right places, at the right times!

Now, to muse on the fact that either I’ve lost more weight, or various unmentionable undergarments have given up their elasticity in their older age, and thereby rendering them either lacking in proper support, or unable to stay put. I’m hopeful it’s more the first theory, with a hint of the second theory. There may be a touch of the second theory being more plausible, and the first not being as credible as the old scales have been suggesting. (I have purchased new scales today.) But, as most of my jeans are all looser, and so are most of my tee-shirts, I can hope it’s weight loss!