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That was most excellent!

I’ve finally had my delayed Christmas Dinner. Today’s the first day for about ten days I’ve felt like cooking and eating anything like a “proper” meal and moreover, the first day in that time I’ve felt like going out for a proper shopping expedition to stock up on nutritious food.

So, the most vegetable packed risotto and stir-fry it was, followed by the gooiest of creamy cakes. Then, to celebrate properly, some of the stash of chocolate that’s been building up for days. Yay..

I also celebrated by finally replacing the lightshade in my room and changing the bulb that blew about five months ago. I do rarely use the main light, but occasionally, it’s useful.

Did I mention paper work and administrative tasks for today? Mmmm thought so. I did remember my godson’s birthday, and sorted his birthday card, and renewed my library books online. (This facility is, in my very humble opinion, one of the greatest and most useful functions of the internet.)

Housework is a Dangerous Activity

Circumstances were such that housework was, um, almost pleasurable. I had the house to myself, (and with the Lord being my helper, will do so until Sunday) I could play loud music, and I could potter away at my own pace.

Which is currently kind of slow or slower. With lots of stops to regain energy. That’s OK… Despite being confined to my room for considerable amounts of the last month or so, it was surprisingly quickly restored to high levels of cleanliness and tidiness. I think it had something to do with the fact I’ve mostly been ill since the last Big Clean, and other work had ground to a virtual halt.

But, I did some unusual stuff, and decided to sort out a cupboard or two whilst I was at it.. That was the dangerous bit. I am now resolved that stainless steel flasks are to be stored at floor level, not a shelf from which they can fall and come into sharp contact with my bottom lip. I don’t yet look as if I’ve been given a good left hook, but I’m sure I will by the morning.

I also have a bruised toe on the middle of the left foot. That was a result of an encounter with a door that I forgot was there…

Still, I should be able to tackle the administrative tasks of the morrow, without distraction…. Oh dear, who am I kidding? I’m sure washing the kitchen floor and hoovering the rest of the house and ironing will seem much more imperative in the morning. But, I do need to do those invoices.

Most Bizarre Christmas for quite a number of years

Midnight Mass was not, as predicted, graced with my presence… it was a mistake to go on Christmas Morning.

“Peace be with you” I muttered incoherently to the priest, as I was aiming to get back to the organ, from the pulpit where I’d just done the intercessions I’d completely forgotten I’d said I’d do, without being got by anyone…

“You should be in bed!” was the liturgically incorrect response. Correct medical diagnosis, though. I came home, cried off from going out to Christmas lunch, (we have nice friends who didn’t take this badly) and took to my bed again!! Luckily I have no appetite, as there is little in the way of food… other than copious amounts of chocolate that I’ve just offered to Jack the Lass to help her essay marking, and the copious amounts of store cupboard stuff that is not of my choosing which I really cannot face making into anything I might feel like eating. Hopefully, I’ll feel a bit more like emerging, taking myself off in a supermarket direction and returning with some easy and nutritious food tomorrow. Because, on Wednesday’s evidence, even asking the other member of this household to adhere to any list I might issue is asking Too Much. Offers of getting stuff have been made, but experience tells me I’ll get what is thought to be right, not what I want. Sighs…..

Believe it or not, I’m normally very healthy! To be laid low like this twice in one month is incredibly unusual. To not want to eat chocolate is unheard of.

Apologies if you think your statistics have gone haywire

but as I’m confined to my room, and mostly to the horizontal, with no new books to read, various Wiblogs are the reading matter of choice! It’s fascinating reading a whole blog from start to finish. In stages between the frequent naps….

Am not going to Midnight Mass, which will be the first time in many years. I hope to have enough energy for tomorrow morning, as I’m tomorrow’s organist, but am seriously considering crying off Christmas Lunch. I’m supposed to be going to a friend’s, and several of us will be gathered, but I’m not going to be good company.

I normally cope well with the control freakery that reigns in what is supposed to be my kitchen as well, (I accept I’m an untidy whatsit, but that as things out of place really do offend the other member of this household, I do confine it to my own space but it means the rest of the house only feels like my home when I’m here alone) but after being told I was “allowed” to leave them out, for now, when I’d deliberately left the decaffeinated coffee and hot chocolate out to remind me to drink more of a variety of stuff, I yelled I didn’t need permission to do something in my own home. It’s a pointless battle, which I’m never going to win, and today isn’t the day to fight it.

best I stay home tomorrow….

And I’m back to sleep now…

But, I’m enjoying the reading, even if it is mucking up your statistics.

Assorted and unrelated bits of thought

Default setting is wilting feebly.

In the few hours I’ve been up today, I’ve managed another Humungous Discussion. Except, I couldn’t divulge the contents of the Big Decision Humungous Discussion of a few weeks ago, which will impact on today’s stuff, because I still need to have the Part Two discussion and then a Part Three Discussion…. I may need to do a Part Two of today’s to explain a few things.

It’s all getting very complicated. No wonder I keep relapsing to the current default setting.

I hate telling someone I’ve only just met that a mutual friend, who they knew 30 years ago but had lost contact with, died 15 years ago when they enquire enthusiastically after them.

I’ve got a Humungous Ironing job to do, but not today…

I’ve gone off chocolate and coffee. I have kept four large bars of chocolate intact for a week. I am not pregnant.

My Christmas Cards will be late.

I am in need of a retreat – which I will get after Christmas, if default setting has altered from wilting feebly….

Fifty Three

Yesterday’s significant number.

I played, or sang Fifty Three Carols. Several of them several times. I’m not even attempting to add up the weeks quota. It was Too Many.

Today I have a return of the nasty all-over achy and hot ears and sore throat and lethargic lurgy. I have sat still, or laid down in a quiet room, and hidden away all day. It seemed best. It kind of explained the narkiness I was experiencing in the morning, which I was putting down to Excess Carol-itis.

Had enough now….

Dismantling the piano

was this morning’s somewhat unexpected activity.

You see, I was playing for the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One Assembly. They get a little over enthusiastic, and rush unless I’m really loud. It’s difficult to be really loud at this piano. The piano top is locked with an Allen Key and I can never find one when I need it in a rush. And, it didn’t really help last time we had this problem.

So, I looked at the piano under the keyboard, and the front panel there was removable. So, I removed it.

The sound carried beautifully!

I remantled it…. But will dismantle it again for this afternoon’s performance. For which I will have all the correct music and the script, and won’t be making it up as I go along. It’s a dangerous thing packing my bag the night before, I never get it right.

I think the innkeeper, age 6, had the right idea. Every time more visitors arrived to see Baby Jesus, he pointed them in the right direction, pointed out it was the middle of night, and he was going back to bed. It’s where I’ve been since I came back. (I only work on a sessional basis, and I wasn’t going to waste three hours between morning and afternoon performance.)

Almost there…

No, nothing seasonal.

The last stage of the work that has been happening on the building in which I live is beginning tomorrow. It should, I repeat, should be finished before Christmas. I would like it very much if it were, as we’ve been living with this stuff since August, and it’s been a long, painful haul.

It’s almost half way through my most chaotic week of the year! It’s been very, very educational. I’ve been discovering what teenagers who have no or little church connection know in the way of Christmas carols. It doesn’t appear to include “O, Little Town of Bethlehem”, “Once in Royal David’s City”, “Hark the herald Angels sing” or “While shepherds watched.” They do, however, all seem to know “Little Donkey”, “The Little Drummer Boy”, “The Virgin Mary had a baby boy” ,The Calypso Carol, and “Away in a Manger”. Oh, and “Silent Night”. The difference between a Christmas Carol and a Christmas song seems to be too subtle for most of them.

I have done three out of six Foundation Stage Nativity plays. I have three more Carol Services to go. As well as two Carol Singing/playing in Public Places to be indulged in.

I may get a little bit of Advent in once term ends…


There are times when I seriously question my own sanity.

I am aching all over from being my own roadie all day and from hauling my keyboard, keyboard stand, music stand and heavy hymn book from home, to work, to all places at work where I was destined to use it, and home again. On the bus. This being a car-less household.

Despite my aches, it was well, well worth it!! A good days work, in many ways. If a little, um, unorthodox, shall we say?

I came home to a liturgical planning meeting. We were not quite quorate, owing to a certain amount of idiocy (not mine for once!) but decided to go ahead, and still managed to get a lot of work done. Use of a conveyor belt to enable liturgical movement was rejected. We contemplated googling “dishevelled black rook” but decided to allow our techie bod to have the fun of doing it instead. It’s an interesting little group of us who meet to plan these occasional creative services, and I always enjoy the meetings very much.

I started the annual attempt at keeping my Christmas Card list under control. I was ruthless, and didn’t write cards for a number of people who I do only hear from at Christmas. And, as is customary, I’ve had a card from most of them already! Some sad news in some of them too, so I’ve got letter writing to do.

New variation on the phone calls to find out my address. I do move a lot. This year, from reasons I’d rather not think about, I am the reluctant possessor of a mobile phone. So, I’ve had five texts, all sheepishly admitting the same thing. I dislike texting immensely. They all know it. And I have a long address, that uses lots of inconsiderate letters. Humph.

Time to fill a hot water bottle to apply to very achy bits of me! I’d have a bath, but the noisiness of the water tank refilling dicates that it would be inconsiderate to do so at this time.

All change

I was going to have an active day, doing many things, but have done none of them! Other than go to the Supermarket of Choice and stock up on odds and ends.

I think the quiet day reading and taking stock has been better for me. Accounts will always be here to do, as will minutes of meetings. But, I know I’ll do them better when I’m less tired. It’s been a very emotional week, in many ways, and the person I’d choose to talk things through with is not available. Which, in a strange kind of way, is no bad thing. It meant I just had to write it all down, and he’ll get in touch when he can when he’s up to it.

Regardless of anything else that may or may not have happened this week, this is also the week when I would’ve begun to take several major steps back from much of what I’ve been doing at church to help out in a short-staffed era. I’m really quite pleased about it. It’s been good to have done, but it’s enormously helpful timing to stop most of it now. I’ve not felt obliged to go to the Christingle services, which I hate, neither have I felt obliged to turn up at events that I’d’ve gone to out of a sense of duty.

Actually, the most important thing of the week is I’ve begun reading again. Or rather, I’ve begun new books. I’ve only been re-reading old favourites for a while, as bedtime falling asleep stuff, but only in dribs and drabs. I didn’t exactly decide to stop, but it happened, and somehow it all became very symbolic. I’ve always been a prolific reader, and quite how I’ve not been reading is a great mystery to me. But, stop I did, and begin again I have done. It’s good. I feel much more myself again as a result.